Increased Fluoride Exposure Can Help Reduce Tooth Sensitivity Linked to Enamel Erosion

Tooth enamel erosion is often related to poor oral hygiene practices and frequently consuming acidic beverages. When plaque and tartar build up in your mouth the chronic acidic environment in your mouth can cause the microscopic pores on the surface of your tooth enamel to expand and deepen. In time, it can gradually expose the… Read more »

4 Steps to Taking Care of Your Toothbrush

As people, there are many things we need to take care of. The car, the house, each other. But does your toothbrush make the list? It should! Here is a basic outline of how to take care of your toothbrush. Replace it Often: Toothbrushes only last 3-4 months. This is the case even if the… Read more »

How to Get a Dental Crown

If you are considering a dental crown for one or more of your teeth, is here to answer any questions you may have. In fact, we’ve already anticipated one of your possible questions – the process of getting one. We can most often finish the dental crown procedure in only two visits. The first visit… Read more »

Cold Sores and Canker Sores Are Different

Mouth sores of any variety are no fun. However, in order to properly care for them, you need to know that there is a difference between the varieties. Canker sores and cold sores are both common mouth sores; let’s look at what makes them different. Canker sores and cold sores are very different in many… Read more »

Impaired Oral Function and Orthodontic Complications from Tooth Loss Can Be Prevented by a Dental Bridge

An untreated cavity or a severe case of dental trauma can sometimes damage a tooth so badly that the oral care specialists at simply can’t save the tooth with a root canal treatment. In a case like this, we might recommend extracting the tooth to ease the pain and prevent further complications. If the tooth… Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Be Used to Address Cosmetic Imperfections

The clarity and appearance of your smile can have a direct influence on many of your facial expressions. When cosmetic imperfections and minor physical defects appear on your teeth it can leave you feeling socially uncomfortable. This is even more likely to be a problem if you’ve had trouble with chronic dental stains. In a… Read more »

Fun Facts about Temporomandibular Joints

Have you ever wondered what the temporomandibular joint is? A temporomandibular joint, also called a TMJ, is the joint in your jaw that is accountable for healthy eating, chewing, and moving your jaw up and down. Without your TMJ, chewing food or talking would become difficult. If you are beginning to feel any pain in… Read more »

Think You Know Everything About Your Smile? Take This Quiz

Would you like to test your knowledge when it comes to your smile? If so, you’ve selected the right blog! Dr. Azmoodeh, Dr. Ky, and Dr. Crespo are excited to see what you know about the teeth, gums, and mouth by taking our fun smile quiz! Question No. 1: If you eat an orange a… Read more »

Is Your Smile Prepared with the Right Diet?

Everything you consume can affect your overall health as well as your oral health. In order to keep your smile safe, various products should be avoided. Is your smile prepared with the right diet? For a list of food and drinks to avoid, and things to do, see the following list: – Exercise safety when… Read more »

The Bad Breath Quiz

Bad breath can be incredibly frustrating. Whether you’re speaking to a loved one or someone you just met, there’s never a great time to have bad breath. Find out if you have bad breath by taking our quiz: Do you brush your teeth twice per day? The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth… Read more »