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Welcome to Legacy Trails Dental located in Plano, Texas! Dr. Afshin Azmoodeh, Dr. Christina Ky, and Dr. Natasha Crespo and our team are excited to help our patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles by offering a variety of services to reach that goal.

As you go about your day, the natural bacteria in your mouth and the acidic foods and beverages you enjoy can erode the mineral density of your tooth enamel. Left unchecked, this process of demineralization will leave your teeth more likely to develop cavities and sensitivity problems. Exposing your teeth to fluoride will help to restore the mineral content of your tooth enamel, thus countering demineralization.

If our Legacy Trails Dental dentist notices signs of demineralization in your tooth enamel, they might recommend a routine fluoride treatment. If that is not sufficient, another option for increasing fluoride exposure every day may include using prescription fluoride supplements.

Fluoride supplements come in several different forms including a gel, varnish, or foam. Ingested fluoride supplements should be taken at the prescribed time. If our dentist prescribes concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse, you should apply it your teeth shortly before you go to bed at each night. This will allow the fluoride to deeply saturate your tooth enamel without being washed away by casual eating and drinking.

If you are concerned that you’re not getting enough fluoride exposure each day, we invite you to call our Legacy Trails Dental team in Plano, Texas at 214-227-1000 to discuss using fluoride supplements. We want to help you have a lifetime of healthy smiles!