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Do you ever wonder if you should get more sleep? Are you aware that getting enough sleep can help your brain power, balance hormones, and help you avoid chronic issues? However, would you be interested in learning that the hours of sleep you get can actually impact your oral health?

You may have already heard that you should try to get at least eight hours of shut-eye a night. In reality, this is fairly accurate, but some people can function well with only seven hours. Generally, you can tell if you’re getting the right amount of sleep simply by listening to how your body feels.

Unfortunately, if you don’t sleep enough, you’ll be more susceptible to gum disease. In general, if you get six or fewer hours of sleep a night, you’ll be almost as likely to develop gum disease as people who smoke. In fact, if you don’t get adequate sleep, your body could actually have an inflammatory response. While this response leaves you more susceptible to gum disease, it may also lead to serious problems such as heart disease.

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