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Bad breath can be incredibly frustrating. Whether you’re speaking to a loved one or someone you just met, there’s never a great time to have bad breath. Find out if you have bad breath by taking our quiz:

  1. Do you brush your teeth twice per day? The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth at least twice daily. If you have bad breath, brushing will help improve your breath by dislodging odor-causing food particles and plaque.
  2. Do you floss every day? Alongside the recommendation to brush twice daily, the ADA recommends flossing between your teeth at least daily. Flossing will remove hard-to-reach debris that can cause plaque and bacteria build-up, which in turn create odors in the mouth.
  3. Do you scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper? These inexpensive tools remove odor-causing build-up from your tongue. Although we recommend tongue scrapers, brushing your tongue with your toothbrush can have the same effect.
  4. Do you rinse with mouthwash? Mouthwashes can destroy bacteria and mask your breath temporarily. But because this is just a quick fix, you’ll have to clean your mouth sooner or later if you want to address the root cause of the problem.
  5. How often do you visit our office? If you’re experiencing bad breath in Plano, Texas, he can help you. Schedule an appointment with our team at Legacy Trails Dental by calling 214-227-1000 now. We can’t wait to help you freshen your breath!