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Root Canals – Plano, TX

Safely and Effectively Removing the Infection and Pain

A dentist looking at an x-ray of a smile in need of root canal therapy

When pain and infection plague the innermost layer of your tooth, it is likely you will do anything to find relief. At Legacy Trails Dental of Plano, our dentists will work to uncover the problem and provide a customized treatment plan to address the issue and restore your oral health. In most cases when dealing with a severely infected tooth, our team recommends root canals in Plano, TX, as they tend to be the safest and most effective solution. Never will you have to worry about the procedure causing you pain. Instead, it is designed to remove the pain altogether by eliminating the infection. If you think you could benefit from this type of treatment, contact our dental office to schedule an appointment today.

What is a Root Canal?

Image of a root canal procedure

A root canal is a procedure that is recommended when the innermost layer of a tooth (the pulp) is seriously infected. Intense pain and worsening oral health can the result of an infected tooth that is left untreated. This is why most dentists will always recommend a root canal. Not only will these procedures remove the infection, but they are also designed to save the tooth from extraction.

When Are They Necessary?

A young woman holding her cheek in pain before root canal therapy

Some of the most common symptoms associated with a root canal include:

If you notice that you are exhibiting any of the above-mentioned signs, make sure to call our dental office right away. One of our highly-skilled and trained dental experts will want to see you as soon as possible to better determine if a root canal is necessary.

How the Procedure Works

A patient having a root canal performed

Once your dentist in Plano determines that you need a root canal, the procedure will start by administering anesthesia. This will ensure you are fully relaxed and incapable of feeling any pain throughout the process.

Next, our team will place a dental dam around the infected tooth, isolating it so that we can effectively work on that particular tooth and leave your remaining healthy teeth untouched. After entering through the top of the crown, our dentists will begin to remove the infected pulp and clean out the canals that run through your tooth. Once the area is thoroughly cleaned, a substance known as gutta-percha will be placed, effectively filling the tooth and creating a tight seal to prevent reinfection or injury in the future. Since your tooth will be weakened, it will be necessary to have a permanent dental crown placed over your tooth.

We will prep your tooth and take impressions before sending these off to dental lab technicians who will create your custom crown. After a few weeks, you will return to our dental office to have your temporary crown removed and a finalized one cemented into place.

Understanding the Cost of Root Canals

tooth and calculator for cost of root canal in Plano

The cost of a root canal in Plano can vary for each patient. It depends on the complexity and severity of the case at hand. Our team will be sure to provide you with an honest price estimate before we start to work on your smile. Rest assured that even though this procedure can be costly, it is a wise investment in your oral health because the priority should always be to preserve your natural tooth when possible. 

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Factors That Can Affect Root Canal Cost

Types of teeth for cost of root canal in Plano

When you come in for your appointment with your emergency dentist in Plano, we will examine your mouth before providing a cost estimate for your root canal. Some factors that could influence its pricing are:

  • The type or location of the tooth. Incisors generally range from $300-1,000. Premolars are usually in the range of $400-1,800 as compared to $500-2,000 for molars. Pricing is directly related to how involved the treatment is – molars have multiple roots while incisors only have one. 
  • The complexity of the case. Depending on the difficulty of the procedure, it might be necessary to involve a specialist. They may operate under a different price structure than we do.
  • Additional services are involved. For example, a dental crown may be recommended to help protect and fully restore your tooth. A crown means an additional expense, and the cost will depend on the type of tooth.

Is It Cheaper to Pull My Tooth?

tooth extraction option when considering cost of root canal in Plano

If money is tight, you might be tempted to go for a tooth extraction instead of root canal therapy. It is true that in the near term, removing a tooth is less expensive than preserving it. However, a root canal can certainly be more affordable in the long run. Not only can it spare you from having to pay for tooth replacement but keeping your natural teeth can also prevent future dental issues that would incur further expenses.

The longer you wait to get a root canal, the more likely it is your tooth will have to be removed. Then, concerns about your bite being impacted to cause discomfort and difficulty eating enter the picture.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Root Canal Therapy?

dental insurance illustration for cost of root canal in Plano

Most dental insurance plans do cover root canal therapy. It is usually classified as a major procedure, meaning that 50-80 percent of the cost may be covered up to the amount of your plan’s annual maximum. You will need to examine your policy’s details to know for sure how it applies.

Our practice welcomes insurance. We will be happy to verify your coverage, file your claims paperwork, and help you understand your benefits.

Other Options to Make Root Canal Therapy Affordable

Dental financing to cover cost of root canal in Plano

Beyond assisting with your insurance, we offer other avenues to make your root canal therapy feasible:

  • Financing: We can help you break up the cost of your care into smaller, easier-to-manage monthly payments with CareCredit. This is a great way to help your dental care fit comfortably into your budget, and many of the plans they offer have little-to-no interest!
  • Free Exam: Wondering if you may potentially need root canal therapy? One of our special offers includes a free exam and X-ray. When you are looking for insight into a variety of oral health issues, this is a great option to help you become more informed on your dental situation.

In your time of need, we are ready to help with your root canal therapy. We’ll help you navigate the financial aspect, so don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions!

Root Canal FAQs

woman giving thumbs up in dental chair

Because of all the scary rumors out there about root canals, far too many patients end up losing their tooth by putting off the procedure. We never want your anxiety to get in the way of having a full, healthy smile, so please let us know if there’s anything you’re nervous about over the phone or during your appointment. Below are some examples of common questions that patients have asked us when they hear that they need a root canal in Plano.

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What Should I Do Before a Root Canal?

Our dentists will let you know if there are any steps you should take ahead of your procedure. Naturally, the specifics will differ from patient to patient, but we’ll generally recommend that you:

  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco for at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, they could interfere with the medicine that we use to numb your mouth.
  • Stock up on enough nutritious, soft foods (plain yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes, etc.) to eat for a few days as you recover.
  • Do your best to get plenty of sleep the night before your procedure. It will help you heal by keeping your immune system optimally functional.

Are Root Canals Painful?

By far the most pervasive misconception about root canals is that they hurt, but that’s simply not the case. Thanks to modern dental anesthetic techniques, we’re able to make sure that your mouth is completely numb before we begin. We also offer sedation options, which can help you relax and further suppress your body’s ability to register discomfort.

That area of your mouth might be a bit sore or sensitive for the next few days afterward, but it’s nothing that can’t be managed with pain medication, either bought over the counter or prescribed by our dentists. In any case, it’s much more preferable to undergo root canal therapy than it is to continue dealing with intense pain from an infected tooth.

Do Root Canals Make You Sick?

There are myths that root canals increase the risk of all sorts of diseases, including cancer, but we’re here to tell you that none of those ideas are true. No scientific research has confirmed a link between root canal therapy and a higher chance of any type of illness.

In fact, it might be more dangerous to leave an infected tooth untreated. Although the risk is relatively low, there’s a chance that the infection in your tooth could reach your bloodstream and harm other parts of your body. In addition to saving your tooth from the need for extraction, that’s why we always suggest scheduling your root canal as soon as possible after we let you know that you need one.

Can I Take Antibiotics Instead of Getting a Root Canal?

Taking a round of oral antibiotics seems like a more convenient option than taking time out of your schedule for a dental procedure. Unfortunately, while antibiotics are effective at targeting bacterial infections in most areas of the body, they don’t work on tooth infections. Antibiotics travel through the bloodstream, which is not directly connected to the pulp inside of a tooth. Therefore, they cannot reach it. Other than performing an extraction, the only way to eliminate the infection within a tooth is with root canal therapy.

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