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How to Deal With Loose Teeth As An Adult

July 7, 2023

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man missing a tooth

Just about everyone had the experience of their teeth falling out when they were a child, but by the time you become an adult, you’ve probably long forgotten that feeling. So if you wind up with a loose tooth, you might not really know how to handle it.

Your first instinct should be to call your dentist, but until you can get to their office, here’s a step-by-step guide for how you should handle an adult tooth that has started to come loose.

Step 1: Schedule Your Emergency Appointment

The first thing you need to do if you notice a tooth is loose is to call your dentist. If you have someone you see for regular checkups you should reach out to them. Otherwise, you should call a dentist close to you that accepts emergency appointments (thankfully, most dentists do).

When you call their office, the dentist will be able to give you some more specific advice for what you should do based on your unique circumstances.

Step 2: Clean Your Tooth

If you damaged your tooth while eating or doing something athletic, there’s a risk that you have something lodged in your tooth that could lead to further complications. For that reason, it’s generally recommended that you keep your tooth clean.

However, you need to take care not to knock out your tooth or move it out of place. For that reason, it’s generally recommended that you don’t brush or floss. Instead, gently swish around some warm water or mild mouthwash.

Step 3: Be Careful!

Once your tooth is clean, your top priority should be to keep it in place until you can see your dentist. If your tooth actually falls out you’ll be in a much tougher situation than if you can keep it in place.

You should do everything you can to avoid playing with your loose tooth. You should also stay away from anything chewy or hard that could accidentally knock out your tooth. If you’re careful, your dentist should be able to help you in no time.

About Our Practice

At Legacy Trails Dental of Plano, we believe that dentistry isn’t just about teeth—it’s about people. That’s why center our practice on not only treating oral health problems but also on helping people live the healthiest lives possible. We offer our patients the latest treatments in oral medicine in an office that can make them feel happy and at home.

If you have any questions about loose teeth, we can be reached at our website or by phone at (214) 227-1000.

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